What Does Post Decree Modification Mean? Find Here!

Getting a decree is just the end of the divorce, but in practical life, couples may need to interact for varied reasons. Life events may make it inevitable to modify the divorce decree, and thankfully, the law allows for that. In this post, we are discussing everything you need to know about post decree modification in Minneapolis.

Getting ahead with decree modification

Several events may affect the consequences of the original court order, and that’s exactly where decree modification comes in the picture. For example, if a party loses a job, it may have consequences on their financial status and how they pay/receive alimony or pay for child support. As with any court procedure, it is absolutely necessary to involve a lawyer, who can guide the ex-couple in taking the right decisions. The process is pretty straightforward when both the parties agree to the changes, but if the modifications are denied by one party, initiating court proceedings is an absolute necessity.

The possible situations

In most cases, post decree modifications are related to child custody or parenting time agreements. In case of child custody, parenting time modifications can be easy when both parents agree to the arrangement and if the court agrees that the changes are in best interest of the child. Coming to child support agreements, it depends on the situations, including expenses involved. An increase or decrease in child support is not common, especially if relates to a change in earnings. Modification can be also sought on the ground that the child doesn’t need support anymore.

One of the other core aspects to family law lawyer is maintenance. If one party decides to get married, they will not be eligible to get any maintenance or alimony from their ex-spouse. In case the paying party loses job or has financial issues that makes it impossible to pay for maintenance, they may ask for decree modification.

Things to understand

Working with an experienced family lawyer is the best way to decide on decree modifications. They will find a ground that may work for the case, and as required, they will go ahead with the proceedings. Take your time to evaluate the possible law firms that can be consulted and make sure that the possible is smooth enough by cooperating with your ex-partner for the necessary formalities.

A good lawyer is like and asset, and they can definitely simplify the situation.

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