How Artists Can Get Visas to Work in USA

Exceptional people from the field of arts, business, science, sports, academics etc., can avail of this wonderful opportunity to stay and work in the US. This proves to be a boon for eminent and exceptional people from the fields of art to expand their horizon and showcase their talent to the whole world by working in and availing of the opportunities present in the USA. Other factors which make this visa ideal for exceptional people associated with the field of arts are:

  • No educational qualification 

There are no minimum educational qualifications which a person must fulfil in order to avail this visa which makes it relatively simple and easy for people in the field of arts.

  • Short Processing period 

The processing period for this Visa can also be shortened by the payment of an application fee. Thus paying this fee ensures that O1 Visa application gets processed within 15 days provided the documentations and paperwork are in place. In order to ensure this, it is best to avail the services of the O1 Visa Lawyer. In fact this also helps in the long run if and when Visa holders face any problems which need a legal solution.

  • Employer bears home bound expense 

While it is mandatory for the Visa holder to go back home once the job ends, the employer has to bear the expenses of the Visa holder’s return to his home country unless he resigns from the job.

  • No restrictions on fields of eminence 

There are no restrictions to the artistic fields, eminence in which makes a person eligible for the O1 Visa. Hence people from different genre in performing arts like singing, dancing, painting, theatre, movies etc., can apply for the same.

The only necessity is that they are able to fulfil and provide documentary evidence for 3 out of the 8 qualifying criteria set by the US Immigration department.

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