Bicyclists Need More Riding Room

The current environmental projection is bleak. New climate reports are suggesting traumatic changes to our environment that are most are already experiencing such as extreme and wild forest fires. This leads to endangering the ecosystem and once animals start to fall apart then there goes the future of our existence. But before we move into such devastating and daunting predictions, there are things that humans can do to help prevent such rapid decreasing of climate change. First, we can start looking at using more sustainable energies like wind turbines or solar panels. Second, we can motivate people to quit depending so much on their cars and start using other modes of transportation like biking or walking. In order to create a mission like that, you need to make space on the road. This isn’t always well received.

California is the lead state in a mission to get people to start biking to work and ranks 4th out of all the states to have the largest population who bikes to work. This is a huge achievement a California boasts the most populated state at 38 million. Having 12 million more than Texas, having a 1.1% representation of people who are choosing to bike to work instead of driving. California is also home to some of the top cities who walk to work. For example, San Francisco is the 3rd largest city with the most walkers, Oakland, Los Angeles, and Sacramento are within the top 20.  Despite Los Angeles is in the top 20 for walking, it is also in the top 20 for bicycling and the first in ranking nationally for highest overall miles for bicycle transit. This means that overall the cities in the United States, Los Angeles have contributed the most to ensure that the roadways have room for bicycles.

If California wants to keep its top place of cyclists then not only does the infrastructure have to change, but the cultural acceptance of cyclists using the road must change too. When cars hit bicyclists or pedestrians, the risk of fatal injury is severe than if they were in a car. For example, in December around 4 pm, a car hit a bicyclist resulting in the cyclist’s death. The driver was safe, but the car resulted in a smashed windshield. The investigation still isn’t clear with what exactly happened. Each of the vehicles was heading in the same direction, but it is unclear who ran into who.

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